Academic Excellence Awards 2018

|| March 14, 2018

One Tree Hill College held one of their most rewarding assemblies the other day celebrating the Academic Excellences of senior students for Level 1 and Level 2. In all 46 Merit and 25 Excellence Level 1 badges were given out whilst 50 Merit and 14 Excellence Level 2 badges were awarded. This was a huge achievement for last year’s students at the senior level, as compared to previous years, the pass rates were higher than ever. One Tree Hill College has definitely put themselves up there with all the other high achieving schools in the Auckland region by gaining countless credits for their NCEA year levels. 

It’s safe to say that the seniors are raising the bar for future senior students who we are sure will be determined to push themselves to not only meet the standard but raise it further. It shows that at One Tree Hill College if we put our minds to something, we students can surely achieve our aims.

Hanna Ali - News Media Team