Athletics Day 2018

|| March 2, 2018

Last Wednesday One Tree Hill College held one of their most anticipated and well known events – the OTHC Athletics Day. This day is always filled with energetic highs that capture the competitive Whānau spirits of Miro, Tawa, Kōwhai, and Hinau. After a day of hard work, passionate chant battles and participation, Miro Whānau prevailed coming in first for not only their lively participation but their overall enthusiasm. It’s important to note that Miro has kept their winning streak in relation to this event for FIVE consecutive years! So congratulations for this astonishing achievement Miro.We also want to acknowledge all the other whānau for putting in a lot of effort and energy to make this day, one that brought smiles and laughter to all concerned.

Thanks to Mr Faunt and Mr Tukerangi for organising this day.

Hanna Ali - News Media Team