Business Studies 2018

|| September 3, 2018

Business studies is centred around developing knowledge of the business structure and further helping students to acquire skills which will help them become the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Each year business students partake in this event as part of their assessment which requires them to execute their business plans of selling and marketing product. By doing so students gain valuable business experience of how to run a business.

In previous years Market Day was held during parent teacher interviews, however this year, Market Day was hosted during school hours. Panikekes, waffles, butter chicken, kebabs, toasties and smoothies were on offer during Market Day leading to much success and sold out stalls. Although this Market Day was the first to be set differently to previous years the event was still quite a success with many business groups who sold out quickly. With valuable experience gained from this event the business students will further improve their business plans and better their product. So watch out for the next Market Day as products sold are sure to be sold out quickly!