Founder of Reading Enrichment Programme

|| March 27, 2018

The Reading Enrichment Programme is an opportunity given to students to be tutored by volunteers who not only help with reading but also through many other subjects. This opportunity is only possible through Harvey Alison, Founder of the Reading Enrichment Programme which all participants of the REP Programme. To express the gratitude of the REP Programme participants - Opal Manuel, thanked Harvey Alison on behalf of all the students in the Reading Enrichment Programme. She presented him with a touching speech where she thanked him for helping guide students like herself see the importance of reading. Opal also praised Harvey Alison for being ‘an influential figure by giving then a different outlook on life and showing them how reading can be helpful in many aspects of life.’ Harvey Alison also expressed his gratitude and thanks for the presentation from Opal. He quoted ‘I was touched by Opals speech and was very impressed with how she spoke.’ A special thanks to Harvey Alison and the other volunteers for making this valuable learning experience possible.

Piya Hentua - News Media Team