New OTHC Teachers 2018

|| March 2, 2018

During the end of last year, we said farewell to many great teachers however the beginning of 2018 brought many more new students and new staff members. The Science Department welcomed Mr. Cannell, Mr. Steyn-Ross, and Ms. Gounder. The Mathematics Department welcomed Mr. De Luca and Ms. Manchineela, Technology Department welcomed Ms. Mill, English Department welcomed Ms. Ogilvie-Lee and Ms. Husband, while Ms. Whittle joined the English Department and P.E and Year 9 Netball Academy whānau respectively. We are looking forward to the lifelong learning they could give us and to the new things we can learn from them. We are aware that 2018 is going to be a fruitful and enthralling year for all of us with all the excellent staff members of One Tree Hill College.  

Tiffany Morales & Alicia Kumar - News Media Team