News Media Team 2018

|| November 5, 2018

This year, the News Media Team has been wonderful and very productive as we welcomed new members who stayed committed to the team all throughout the year. The team successfully wrote and published a lot of excellent and informative articles despite their own busy schedules. There is no doubt that the members have put a lot of effort and hardwork in order to efficiently deliver news to the school and to the whole community. Having a bigger group this year made putting out articles easier and more fun for everyone. Working alongside Hannah, Zarishta, Piya, and Mary has been an amazing experience. We thank Mr. Langdon, Miss Rao, and Miss Mossop for the guidance and also for giving up their own time to look after the team. We are looking forward for more amazing experiences with the News Media Team next year.


Tiffany & Alicia - News Media Team