OTHC Mathematics Dept 2018

|| July 30, 2018

With students having assessments in every subject, it’s no wonder that some are finding it difficult coping with the burden of such a load. But, our students do not need to worry about this predicament because, they have our Mathematics Department to turn to for help.Mr. Villiami Latu has been the Curriculum Leader of the Maths Department at OTHC for six years now and he says that during this time he has had many students tell him that mathematics has helped them in their careers and their daily lives. He comments, “There are lots of areas we have helped our students in, some are really motivated. They do their homework and we in the department are there to help them along and to extend their skills”. Mr. Latu also said that he, alongside with all the mathematics teacher at OTHC, are doing their best to further help their students. He says, “Some of our students are in need of extra help in mathematics, and they also need the motivation to succeed. So, as well as running a homework centre we also help them by running holiday programmes.” To also get the best out of their students, the department also makes their classes smaller so they can focus more on teaching the students what they need to learn. We students are thankful that we have a professional teaching force who are willing to extend help to their students anytime.