OTHC New Food Technology Room

|| October 29, 2018

It is currently October and construction of One Tree hill College’s new food technology room is well underway. Located next to the gym, with close proximity to the technology department in Hinau, the state of the art addition to the school will be ready for use at the beginning of next year. It has been a “complex” 2 year process, Mr Bettridge describes - from planning and consultations to getting approval from the Ministry of Education. The idea for a new food tech room arose when it came to concern that the current food tech room in H3 was just too small to accommodate the increasing demand of students wanting to take courses in food technology. Needless to say, the new facility will be a lot bigger, equipped with a main class for teaching food technology, 9 cooking stations, and a side class intended for barista training complete with an outdoor seating area for students to serve their coffee. Fresh herbs and vegetables will be grown in the outdoor garden to be used by classes with the facility itself intended for use by students who take food technology and hospitality subjects. Three toilets and showers will also be included at the back to be used by those staying overnight in the neighbouring Te Puakiekie Marae. With construction vehicles coming in and out of the school becoming a normal daily occurrence for the past few months, the new building is anticipated by everyone. Students as well as teachers can't wait to engage with this advanced space and the opportunities created to strive for higher things within the food technology department!

News Media Team -  Alicia Kumar