OTHC Pink Shirt Day 2018

|| May 29, 2018

On Friday, May 18, One Tree Hill College stood together to spread kindness and to battle all kinds of bullying through celebrating the Pink Shirt Day. All the staff members wore pink t-shirts to show their cooperation in the pink shirt movement while the Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP) Team of OTHC gave away inspirational notes to students. They also sold cupcakes that you can give to a friend to cheer them up. Bai Buliruarua, head boy and member of the PSSP Team, said that they are grateful for the support they got from the students and the teachers. He said, “The students and the staff supporting the day meant alot to us as a group! It shows us that people really were ready for change and really did want to create a more inclusive and a few space! Very proud of our school!”. He also said that celebrating the pink shirt day is a very important thing and it helps making OTHC feel like a safer place for everyone. He stated, “I think celebrating Pink Shirt Day means that those who feel silenced or who feel like they may not have a voice, feel supported! High school can be a really tough time and even though we might not always see bullying in an overt fashion, it does happen and it affects more people than we realise! They also get to be apart of social change and create some really cool progression within our school community!”.

One Tree Hill College is indeed a safe place where we can celebrate diversities and promote positive social relationships. All thanks to the PSSP Team for organizing the Pink Shirt Day and to staff and students who were very supportive that day. Speak up, Stand up, Stop Bullying!!

Tiffany Morales - News Media Team