OTHC Technology Dept 2018

|| July 30, 2018

You may have noticed around the college, students carrying heavy black shoulder bags.  In most cases this is usually the sign that the student is taking the Technology subject of Design and Visual Communications. Usually, they are found in classes putting in the extra hours into time consuming but amazing projects. 

Technology, not only includes Design and Visual Communication but branches off into Media Studies, Food Technology, Carpentry and Product Design. The Technology Department’s teachers, under the guidance of Curriculum Leader Ms Crossman, have successfully organised their structures so that results from students have been very pleasing. After three years of being at this school Ms Crossman says. “The Technology Department has a team of very skilful teachers who have really helped the Technology students produce pleasing results, we also have some really exciting opportunities where students can enhance their projects with the new laser cutter, Technology exhibition and the new Food Technology building starting soon.”