Our Local MP Visits

|| July 30, 2018

Recently, students involved in REP (Rotary Enrichment Programme) at One Tree Hill College were paid a visit by our local Maungakiekie government representative Denise Lee. During her visit Ms Lee got a glimpse of the REP programme in action and enjoyed being able to circulate amongst the students as well as the tutors to ask about the programme.

REP co-ordinator, Mr Brian Langdon reflected on how it - “was great for the students and tutors to have our local MP come in to speak to them and see how the REP programme works.” Ms Lee recalled her experience of her visit to One Tree Hill College. “My visit to One Tree Hill College was an enjoyable experience with both staff and students being so very warm and welcoming. I couldn't believe how engaged and happy the students involved in the REP programme were. I was incredibly impressed with seeing the one-on-one tutoring that was taking place. We live in a really busy world and the precious gift of having someone spend some uninterrupted and quality time with you is really unique and invaluable. I could sense, even in the relatively short time I was visiting, that this programme is making a huge difference to the students. I was flawed by the speed in which the students were reading their texts and answering questions. I remember thinking to myself “wow, these students are on fire! I am definitely looking forward to visiting again OTHC again to see the great programmes that are taking place there.”

ALICIA KUMAR - News Media Team