Social Science Department 2018

|| August 23, 2018

Subjects under the Social Science Department umbrella, focus on the knowledge of the wider world for better understanding of the current issues and events. The department includes a wide variety of subjects not just the social sciences but also the commerce subjects like business studies, economics and accounting. Being a department which focuses on the wider world they have already immersed themselves in many trips, the most recent being the USA trip in April. As well as this, they organise many events in the school for the students to gain first hand experience of the outside world. With so many trips and events being organized even Mrs McKnight, the Head of Department for Social Sciences, may be overwhelmed. However, it seems she is able to manage perfectly fine as she lists all the upcoming and past events. “We have many trips we have already involved ourselves in. To name a few we had the Tongariro and Muriwai Trip, the Bay of Islands trip, the Auckland Art Gallery trip and we have the Market Days happening as well.” Not only are there many trips taking place, new staff members, Miss Higginbotham and Mrs Bodman have also been welcomed into the Social Science Department. Lookout for the next events organised by the Social Science Department as it is sure to be knowledgeable and integrated with the experiences from their trip. Their next big trip is to Tanzania in April 2020!!

Piya Hentua - News Media Team