Street Art In Auckland 2018

|| March 12, 2018

The Year 11 Geography class and the Year 11 Social Studies class took part in a one-day field trip to Auckland City in order to conduct geographic research for their assessment based on Street Art in Auckland. One class went on a walking tour of Britomart to learn the history behind various street art pieces in our city, while the other class went up Queen Street to Karangahape Road, and visited additional street art pieces throughout Meyers Park, K-Road, and Cross Street. Later in the afternoon, both groups combined to have lunch, and finish the rest of their data collection which was a survey to gauge the public’s perception of street art. Students thoroughly enjoyed this trip, as it was nice to have hands on learning time with what they had been looking at in the classroom.

Thank you to Miss Wharepapa, Mrs Thomas, Mrs McKnight and Mr Amituana’i for making this trip possible. 

Jessica McKnight - 11HSB