A Successful Visit

|| July 30, 2018

Recently, a group of Year 5 & 6 students from the Maori Focus Class at Papatoetoe West School spent one of the most engaging and interactive days working alongside students and teachers in the Marae on the One Tree Hill College campus.

The purpose of this visit was to approach learning techniques from a Maori perspective and to make the Papatoetoe West students aware of their Maori heritage and culture. Mrs Langdon and Mrs Evans, their collaborated with Ms Hughes (One Tree Hill’s Te Reo Maori Curriculum Leader) to foster this connection. The students took part in learning the haka and partaking in several activities and discussions regarding their heritage. Ms Hughes told the visiting students the best way to make the learning process appear immersive and fun for all was - “don’t read about it, or watch a video about it, go and do it, experience it!” The visit was a great success and as trip organiser Ms Langdon reflected. “Our tamariki, all left One Tree Hill College with a lasting memory of something that resonated with them via positively learning through ‘Maori eyes’. Ms Hughes wisdom and Maori knowledge was shared in an inspiring and caring manner. The effort and involvement of the students and staff of OTHC reinforced our aim of making our tamariki proud of who they are and their heritage.” Mrs Langdon, Mrs Evans and the accompanying parents left with a very positive impression of Maori programme being taken at One Tree Hill College.