Year 12 Biology Trip 2018

|| March 19, 2018

The Year 12 Level 2 Biology students headed out for an exciting and engaging trip to North Head Rocky Shore situated at Devonport. The purpose of this journey was to strategically investigate a living pattern in an ecological community. This study was in preparation for an upcoming internal assessment being given the following week. The students had to record, measure and observe several different organisms living in the rocky shore using supplied resources. They were accompanied by two well equipped teachers Ms Lai and Mr Cannell who both teach science classes at One Tree Hill College. Students found this day not only educational but also found it a refreshing day out as it was not only the the perfect opportunity to socialise with peers, but also strengthen the bond within the class and with our teachers. This was an amazing experience to be able to travel and observe natural occurrences that students usually only get to read about.

Thank you to the Science department, Ms Lai, and Mr Cannell for successfully planning and executing this trip for us; we are all definitely looking forward to what the rest of the year holds!

Hanna Ali - News Media Team