Assessment Week 2019

|| September 20, 2019

Endless hours of study, last minute notes and revision slowly began to creep upon senior students of One Tree Hill during their annual practice exams which was stretched over two weeks. These two weeks pushed students to aim high to secure checkpoint grades for the official NCEA externals, alongside reflecting on personal knowledge about the content being tested. Exams included a range from workshops, internal assessments, practice tests, etc for all students allocated on specific days to maximise their productivity and ability to succeed. Furthermore, like all years, the group of Year 11 students of 2019 experienced their first scenario regarding sitting exams that closely resemble their upcoming external assessments, decreasing any stresses and anxiety generally coupled with the pressures of exams. It was important that students used the exam week’s opportunity to create a foundation of content that would further built upon to achieve the desired marks, especially for Year 13 students who require credits or marks to help pursue desired courses in university in 2020. Overall, despite the anxiety and large workload to push through, OTHC students managed to continuously delegate in school and home time to prepare and pass with high marks showing our universal success and determination as a whole student body. We are positive that Term 3 and Term 4 exams will exceed all expectations of pass rates compared to previous years.

Let’s keep succeeding OTHC!