The Chase - Shaun Wallace Visit

|| March 5, 2019

Earlier in Term 1, Shaun Wallace – a Barrister and professional quizzer - shared his journey of success with several One Tree Hill classes. They heard about his achievements in the school’s auditorium and were inspired to consider their own goals. He takes part in a popular television quiz show known as “The Chase”, his role being a chaser – someone who uses their vast general knowledge in attempt to prevent contestants from winning money. However, Wallace told us that his success was not easy to achieve. At first, he was racially discriminated by his peers and teachers due to his Jamaican background. However, Wallace was able to persevere through those hardships and managed to earn places in game shows such as ‘Mastermind’, ‘Are You an Egghead?’ & now ‘The Chase’.  His burdens have influenced students to keep trying. Copies of his auto biography can be found in the college library. Special thanks to Mr Coughlan who organized this event.  

“I found the talk interesting and motivating.” - Marcy Timoteo 

Mary Abiad & Alexis Prakash 10MRO - News Media Team