Head Prefects 2019

|| April 12, 2019

Earlier this year, One Tree Hill College announced their head prefects for 2019. This was an important day for the school as the students that were about to be announced, would now be the face of our school for the year. This year we were proud to give these leadership roles to Jonathan Kan and Ariana Rusden as our new Head Boy and Girl, and they would be working alongside with Daniel Vaivela and Manaui Ash-Faulalo, our new Deputy Head Boy and Girl.  All four student leaders were very nervous at the school assembly, and each had a surreal moment when going up on stage after hearing their name being announced one by one.  With blank minds but filled with excitement, they knew they met the expectations of their teachers and peers by proving their worth for the titles over the past four years.

Head Boy, Jonathan Kan, talked about why he wanted to be head prefect. He said the main reason he wanted to become a head prefect was because he wanted to make a change in the school. He says, “Another reason I wanted to become head prefect was because of my former whānau teacher, Ms Godoy, always pushed me to become a leader and believed that I would become head boy.” Head Girl, Ariana Rusden, said she wanted to be head girl in order to give back to the school and be the voice of our students. She talked about how - “ever since I was a Year 9, I aspired to get the position because of the way previous prefects and head students had made me feel about One Tree Hill College. I wanted to be able to give that feeling back to others one day.” With them handed their well-deserved head positions, they now intend to put it to good use. They want the student voice to be heard by becoming a part of the decision making within the school, as well as proving the potential of One Tree Hill College students to the community. There will definitely be many challenges along the way for these new head students, but, by working as a united team, and having the student body behind them, we are sure that there will be positive outcomes for the college. One Tree Hill College is assured to be in good hands with these four students leading the way in 2019, and will become the face of the school this year.