Health Expo 2019

|| September 20, 2019

In line with their internal assessment AS91237, the Year 12 Health class held the annual mini Health Expo in the Hinau Commons. This expo aims to enhance the well-being of people within the school and the wider community through solving issues that are highly relevant to the society.

The Year 12 students who organised this exhibit took this chance to focus on the following issues:

* Consent

* Self-love

* Proper hygiene and treatment of school toilets

* Stress at school and time management

* Importance of physical activities

Each group put up a stand in the Hīnau Commons and did different activities for the students to enjoy. Some groups organised games while some distributed lollies and cupcakes. Aside from these, they also spread information about their respective promotions not just to students, but also to the staff members.  The class worked really hard in order to successfully and effectively help their fellow students to enhance their own well-being; and, the students responded by having fun in this mini health expo. Nicole Del Rosario, a student in the Health class said. "It was a lot of effort to conduct an expo like this, but knowing that we would somehow help our peers regarding the issues we're promoting, makes it worth it".

All thanks to Ms Taylor for guiding the students towards this successful expo and congratulations to the students for a big job well done!