Homework Centre 2019

|| April 12, 2019

The OTHC Homework and Study Centre, set up in the college’s Knowledge Centre, is now up and running. The centre is open every afternoon from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, and, the tutoring programme that now runs in it, has been designed to specifically help our College’s students achieve higher academic results. Former pupils Rocielli Fernando, Denise Dazo, Jonathan Abiad, Tupou Valu and Sarah Yang are available to tutor students in all aspects of the curriculum with the express purpose of further improving senior students’ NCEA results. This project is a college initiative and is available to our students for no cost - good quality tutoring without needing to pay a cent – how lucky are we. Teacher Mr McCurran who is in charge of the programme states, “There is a fantastic number of students attending the centre every afternoon, and the help the students are getting from our tutors is proving to be very, very helpful.”

Special thanks to Mr McCurren and our former OTHC students for giving up their time to help our students. Students take advantage of this opportunity to better your NCEA results!!