One Tree Hill College Memorial 2019

|| May 17, 2019

Assalam Alaikum students and teachers of One Tree Hill College. Upon the recent events of the mass terrorist attack that occurred on the 15th of March in Christchurch, One Tree Hill college gathered in the Marilyn Whales Auditorium to commemorate and reflect as a united school body in the form of a student led Memorial. Importantly, the memorial started off with the school prayer shortly followed by an Islamic prayer in Arabic carried out by two junior Muslim students Gul and Maryam, a national 2 minutes of silence was then respectfully observed at 1:32pm, following the powerful speech delivered by two senior Muslim students Zarishta and Hanna, a heartfelt performance of the Maori waiata Te Aroha, and concluded with the entire school Haka outside the reception where 1200 students joined spiritually to convey the idea of strength and connection not only in OTHC but nationwide. It's devastating yet heartwarming to note how significant and nationwide-scale shock this event was, resulting in extreme masses of support and warmth still continuing towards the Muslim community day by day. With notions of donating flowers at local Mosques to increase of communal support regardless of background, we realise how this event may have been one of the darkest days in NZ yet, with a strong beam of light at the end of the tunnel. It provides not only OTHC but the entirety of NZ the opportunity to reflect and realise that in the end, we are all one and a stronger nation than ever before. Stay strong One Tree Hill, we are all here with you.


Kia Kaha


Hanna Ali- News Media Team