OTHC Futsal 2019

|| April 5, 2019

This year’s One Tree Hill College Whānau Futsal Competition was an exciting event for football lovers. Students and teachers from every whanau were astounded at the very different final score lines of the teams. Futsal, which is mainly played indoors, is a different version of football that involves playing on a hard court, which of course is smaller than a usual football ground. The teams are made up of five players one of which is the goalkeeper.

Students from all year levels were able to participate and they had a blast competing with and against each other over the three lunchtimes that the competition took place. Tawa Whānau eventually won the competition overtaking taking Kowhai in the finals. Thank you to Mr McWhinnie and all the staff who organized the tournament and to all the students who participated in this very enjoyable whānau event.