OTHC School Ball 2019

|| May 21, 2019

With the theme "A Night in Monte Carlo", One Tree Hill College held its annual senior school ball at Crowne Plaza Hotel on the 6th of April 2019. Over 250 students were present in the event and were able to enjoy the entertaining performances from the Prefect Team and the boys Volleyball team. There was also a photo booth, great food, and a spacious dance floor which pleased the students and their respective partners from other schools. The Year 12s and 13s who were in attendance that night sure had a good time dancing their hearts out on the dance floor and spending time with their peers. The ball got even more fantastic when Nuzhar Begum and Benjamin Whittington, who won Princess and Prince of the Night, and Quaid Taylor and Piya Hentua, who won the awards King and Queen of the Night, had their dance in front of their schoolmates and friends. Year 12 student Jayvee Dela Cruz, shared her experience of the school ball, "It's my first time to attend a senior prom and it was indeed a fun night. Everyone was just enjoying and carefree, even the teachers who were there. The food was flavoursome and the performances were amusing. I'm looking forward to next year's school ball." All thanks to the ball committee who took their own time and gave their best efforts to make sure that the senior prom would be a lovely night for everyone who attended. Also, thanks to the teachers who were there and to Mr. Coughlan who looked after everyone and made sure that each students there would have an indeed fantastic night in Monte Carlo. We are looking forward to another great event next year!  

Tiffany Morales - News Media Team