Parent Interviews 2019

|| September 20, 2019

In August One Tree Hill College held its annual interim Parent Teacher Interviews. Despite the winter chills, teachers, parents and students attended the significant day in order to get an insight into student’s learning. The day began early in the morning at 8:00am and ended late in the evening at 7:00pm These interviews took place in the college’s Knowledge Center. This day was created to give an opportunity for families and teachers to create a relationship in order to understand what was needed support the student, therefore giving them the best opportunity for them to choose the pathway to their future. Each parent had the chance to discuss the learning of their children with their teachers individually so they could really focus on the steps to take to progress their child’s learning. It was a day that mainly consisted of engagement amongst teachers, parents and students. Teachers were able to communicate any concerns directly with the parents of their students so would know what was going on in their child’s life.

It was quite a beneficial day for all parties involved as teachers, students and parents all left with a better understanding of one another.  The turnout for Parent Teacher Interviews 2019 really reflected how seriously the student’s education in the school is taken by parents and teachers. It portrays the great importance of education and learning at One Tree Hill College.