Penrose Rotary Club Breakfast 2019

|| May 17, 2019

On the 5th of March, two Students including BOT representative Judi Barnard and school Prefect Jemimah Fifita partook in the Penrose Rotary Club breakfast held courtesy of the Rotarians. The breakfast included both Judi and Jemimah enjoying a welcoming environment alongside the Rotarians, discussing the effects of the Rotary Enrichment club on their schooling journey since their involvement from Year 9 and further. Both Judi and Jemimah presented highly informative speeches promoting their successes and experiences, communicating with the Rotarians who reciprocated several questions and thoughts. Furthermore, Judi Barnard states that “ “It was so good to be able to go back and thank the Rotarians for what they had done for me and all the other students who have gone through the REP programme. REP made me a more confident person and has helped me with deciding my future. I didn’t realise how much work they did to sponsor the programme and for that I am truly grateful”.Both Jemimah and Judy thoroughly enjoyed their experience and felt honoured to attend the breakfast as the REP Coordinator Mr Langdon states that the Rotarians, who generously sponsor the REP programme, were incredibly impressed with Judi and Jemimah’s presentation, being really pleased that their involvement with the sponsorship of the programme was meeting their expectations and higher.


Hanna Ali- News Media Team