Wearable Arts 2019

|| August 13, 2019

Before the second term ended, One Tree Hill College held its annual Whanau Wearable Arts Competition. Students from all four whānau gave their best efforts to create such masterpieces that reflect certain Asian countries and cultures for the senior category and Pasifika countries and cultures for the junior category. Hīnau Whānau finished as the overall winner, followed by Tawa, Kōwhai, and then Miro.

Students enjoyed watching their peers taking pride in the recyclable costumes which their whānau made from scratch. A Year 12 student, Kimberly Robles, said. "It's nice to see my fellow students celebrating cultural diversity through this friendly whanau competition, while simultaneously promoting recycling of garbage and helping the environment. I hope this competition will continue and be a tradition in OTHC in the following years." All thanks to Mr. Kimi and to the other staff who made the wearable arts competition possible. Also, congratulations to the winners!