|| April 9, 2020

We have been working on the planning for Phase Two (starting Monday 4 May) of our remote teaching and learning programmes with our staff. For Year 9 Students there is now the provision of four hours per day of learning with one live session for each subject per week. Ms Emma Beale (Deputy Principal) is overseeing the Year 9 remote teaching and learning programme. If you have questions about the programme in general, please make contact with Ms Beale: 

The remote teaching and learning programme for Year 9 students will continue to be on a digital platform that is available to all students through their school Office 365 account.


The IT requirements you will need at home to access the remote teaching and learning programme are: 

• Internet connection

• Device (laptop, tablet or computer) 


The remote teaching and learning process will be as follows: 

1. All instructions and subject overviews will be published on the Year 9 Notebook (Year 9 Digital 2020). Your son/daughter will be given access to this One Note Notebook on Tuesday 14 April.  

2. Your son/daughter will need to check their school email address for the link to the Year 9 Digital 2020 Notebook.  

3. Access to the Year 9 Digital 2020 Notebook and to school email (outlook) is via Office 365 ( Each student has their username (firstname.lastname) and password for Office 365. 

4. Weekly work will be set for five core subjects only in the Year 9 Digital 2020 Notebook: English; Health; Mathematics; Science and Social Studies.   


We have attached a daily timetable that allows for flexibility and self-paced and directed learning. There are two two-hour learning slots per day that students will determine which subjects they wish to learn in each slot. If your son/daughter would prefer to work on one subject per day of the week across the two learning slots that is fine. The timetable is designed to allow students to decide how they would like to use their learning time. We do suggest that students take some time at the start of the week reviewing all five subjects on the Year 9 Digital 2020 Notebook and the tasks required for the week to create daily and weekly plans and make a note of the days/times for any live video-conference session (template attached).  

Junior Planning Template

Year 9 Remote Learning Timetable 


Students will be required to mark their own attendance once a day between 8.45am and 9.00am.  Attendance marking is a legal requirement of schools so it is important that your child follows the instructions for checking their own attendance each morning. Students are to refer to the attached instructions for marking attendance. 

Instructions for Attendance 


We are aware that remote learning can be difficult and will impact on families. Where possible we ask that parents create a learning space for their son/daughter that has a table/desk and a chair – with access to a power supply. We suggest that students do not use laptops in bed. 

Although we have suggested a daily timetable, the daily structure of time in your household is at your discretion as we do not want to add to the stresses already placed on your household through this difficult time. A balance of screentime, freetime and physical activity is important to maintain your child's mental wellbeing. Our counsellors are available to speak with students and parents should you have any wellbeing concerns. 

It is important to note that we do not expect parents to be teaching their children. Your son/daughter’s teachers are all working and available to assist your son/daughter should they need any help.  


We ask that students email their subject teacher AND the faculty contact email if they have any questions or need help with the set tasks. Teachers will be working during the normal school day hours, however they may not be able to respond to emails immediately. The subject line of an email must state: Student first and last name, whanau class and subject:

If your son/daughter has technical problems or cannot remember their username/password they are to email:

We continue to closely monitor the developing situation around the COVID-19 global pandemic and we are following all Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education requirements.

Updates will be emailed to parents and posted to the school website to keep you informed as new information comes to hand and plans are made for a move to alert level 2 and a return to school.