Cultural Night 2020

|| June 15, 2020

Colour and culture were everywhere on an evening in March. OTHC students represented themselves with dignity as they showcased their crafted performances during a very entertaining night. More than 300 students stood performed in honour of their whānau and the school, stepping forth with cultural pride and exhilaration. 

There were two stages set up, the Filipino, Spanish, Fijian and Cook Island group performed on the rugby field and the Kapa Haka, Hawaiian and Tongan group performed on the field in front the Kowhai Whānau. The evening was filled with dancing, singing and prancing from the people, enjoying each other’s company and what each group had to offer. “I felt overwhelmingly happy representing my own culture and seeing my peers representing their own cultures too. I felt the diversity and I hope for more events like this”, Tiffany Morales said after her experience performing with the Filipino Group dance. Ms Kumar, the school’s dance teacher and Cultural Night coordinator organised must be congratulated for staging such a wonderful event. She commented. “Thank you to the students and staff members who were all part of this outstanding evening.” We thank all who prepared this evening, and the students and teachers for producing such beautiful performances on the night.