Māori Academic Excellence Awards

|| March 13, 2020

The recent Māori Academic Excellence Awards, was an evening held to celebrate the successes of our Māori students at OTHC. Held in the college’s auditorium, it proved to be a very memorable night enjoyed by all. “The overall night went surprisingly well, and the appreciation of the students’ success, was shown in the best way. A lot of people came, perhaps more than have ever attended before and the people’s response, and food were amazing. Thanks to Whaea Joe and Whaea Chez. It was a great experience and I can't wait for the next one,” enthused Year 11 student Serenity Clayton.   Year 10 student Coco Dixon added, “It was a really fun event and so good to see everyone come together at this event and meet people I never knew identified as Maori. The awards that were given out were well deserved and congratulations to all the prize winners.”

The energy and enjoyment were all there, and this year's Māori achievement awards showed that your culture and/or background does not define you - this being the message given by the guest speaker Lafoai Luaitalo a High Court Crown representative and ex-student of OTHC. The food, people music and awards were something we all could enjoy. Māori CL Whaea Chez summed up the evening of togetherness and pride, “What an amazing night. Feedback from parents was that they were proud to see all of our students on the night celebrating their successes and being proud to be Māori. Next year will be just as fabulous!”