Samoan Language Week 2020

|| July 27, 2020

One Tree Hill College celebrated Samoan Language Week 2020 with the theme “Tapena sou ōso mo lau malaga.” Translated into English this means 'Prepare yourself a gift for your travels'. As a part of the celebration, whānau classes started with Samoan greetings and sang the Samoan national anthem. There were also daily challenges that occurred around the college throughout the week with both the students and staff encouraged to use Samoan language in their subject classes.

Highlights of the week were having a shared Samoan lunch on the Friday and seeing teachers dressed up in Samoan attire to show their participation in celebrating with the students the Samoan culture. Mr. Andre Maea-Brown, Kowhai Whanau Leader and one of the Samoan staff members who organised the week, was overwhelmed by the support that the college’s Samoan community got as they celebrated their language and their culture. He stated, “It was a fantastic week to celebrate our Samoan language with all the One Tree Hill College community – we were humbled by the support that we got.” Students around the college were also happy to celebrate Samoan Language Week and showed their utmost respect as the Samoan culture was being celebrated. Year 13 student, Denize Miagan said, “Some of my Samoan classmates sang a Samoan song in one of our whānau classes and it was beautiful. I am not Samoan, but it’s amazing that we get to celebrate diversity and the culture of everyone at OTHC.”