Year 12 Biology Trip 2020

|| July 27, 2020

To help with Assessment Standard 91158 Ecology, the Year 12 Biology students went on a trip to Waitakere ranges, to visit the Arataki visitors centre. The students were provided with clipboards and photometers to measure light intensity, temperature, and relative humidity which were the main factors relevant to their investigation. This helped them identify the structural adaptations of Rimu and Kauri trees, which is in line with the purpose of their assessment to strategically investigate a living pattern in an ecological community. This year's trip was a little different from the previous ecology trips in that the Science teachers had organised for the college to visit a native forest rather than a rocky shore setting as they had in the past two years. Despite this focus change, the students successfully conducted their investigation and found the trip enjoyable and educational at the same time.

One of the students Vreanna Javien summed up his feelings of the trip, saying. "It was an interesting day for me because it's not every day that I get to have this interesting experience, and, getting to be on this trip with my friends. The experience helped me greatly understanding our assessment more. I hope we can have trips like this, every year." Ms Harris, one of the Biology teachers who accompanied the students, also found the ecology trip a fascinating one. She said it was an experience where students could both learn and have fun. She stated, "Although not our usual rocky shore zonation study, it was great to see the students coming out of their shells discussing what they saw and taking selfies with inspiring species. All in all, a big biodiverse success!" The students would like to sincerely thank the teachers for planning and organising this most enjoyable trip.