Year 12 Geography Trip 2020

|| May 27, 2020

Before the lockdown, the Year 12 Geography class went on a trip to Tongariro National Park. The purpose of the trip was to investigate and collect data information in line with the classes research internal assessment AS91244. Under the supervision of Mrs McKnight, Ms Hope and Mr Estrada, 27 students from the Year 12 Geography class were to research and investigate the spatial variation of vegetation patterns in the Tongariro Volcanic Centre. The data that they were to collect from the trip would be the basis for them to write an analysis on altitudinal zonation or how the plants in different areas differ in height and quality from plants in different locations.

Throughout the three days and two nights of the trip, the group stayed at Ossies Backpackers, Ohakune. The feedback from the students who took part in the trip was outstanding. Students thoroughly enjoy this trip as it was a great opportunity to bond with their peers at the same time, provide the appropriate data to write conclusions for their assessment. When asked about her experience on the trip, Ms Hope said.“It was a really enjoyable experience, but unfortunately, there was hardly any snow on Mt. Ruapehu which resulted in the weather becoming extra hot. Nonetheless, there weren’t any problems encountered while on the trip and it was an extremely worthwhile experience.” This was Ms Hope’s second time attending the trip and she couldn't express how happy she was to have been on it.  On behalf of the class we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs McKnight, Ms Hope and Mr Estrada for making this trip possible and for creating a safe and positive environment for everyone on it. We’re looking forward to next year’s trip to be as memorable as this year as well.