Academic Excellence Awards 2022

|| May 31, 2022

Despite the COVID restrictions in place during the first quarter of the year, One Tree Hill College held its Academic Excellence Awards ceremony. This event is to recognise and celebrate the success of those students who have achieved Merit and Excellence credits. At the ceremony the students get their long-awaited certificates, overall endorsements, and acknowledgement from the school and community at large.

The students met in the school’s auditorium. They were in a unique atmosphere where due to the restrictions, no whānau members or colleagues were in attendance. There were however facilities for zooming the ceremony, so parents and guardians were able to see their sons and daughters receive their certificates. Khushi Sharma is a Year 13 student who was endorsed with Excellence. She feels proud of her hard work. “The journey to achieving these awards was difficult,” said, “but certainly worth it.” She thanks her friends and teachers who supported her in this journey. She has also revealed that her motivation was her future of getting a scholarship into Auckland University. Another student who received awards was John Lloyd Villaruel. He is a Year 12 student who earned an overall Merit endorsement. There were different struggles that made his journey difficult, but according to him - “with enough patience and hard-work, it is possible to get what you really want in the end.” He has also said that his supportive family and friends were his main source of motivation, and he couldn’t have done it without them.