Athletics Day 2020

|| July 16, 2020

One Tree Hill College held their annual athletics day at the home of Auckland Athletics the well-known Mount Smart Stadium. The day started early with the many students walking from the school to the stadium, under the supervision of many staff members and members of the Prefect team. The students from each whānua competed in the available track and field events - long-jump, high-jump, discus, shotput, javelin, races and the whānua relays; all, putting in their most valiant efforts to gain points for their whānua. All participants were encouraged by the many vocal whānua chants and cheers of encouragement. Despite Tawa winning the chant, and Miro leading the competition for most of the time, Kowhai Whānua managed to surpass all competition and for the second year in a row take out the closely fought contest. 

The final scores meant that the finishing order was –

Miro, Kowhai, Hinau, and Tawa.

Setting the competition aspect aside, Athletics Day provided a chance for the students from all year levels to join and collaborate, making it a truly remarkable experience for all students and staff. We would like to acknowledge the staff, teachers and prefects who set aside their time and effort for this college event to take place.