Day Trip to Maungakiekie

|| October 17, 2022

As part of the Year 9 OTHC Citizen Class Programme, the students had the pleasure of being taken on a day trip to Maungakiekie. They were accompanied by their OTHC teachers, the school Prefects and organizer of the day Ms Sabbage. The purpose of the trip was to visit in person our mighty maunga (mountain) and to provide the Year 9 students with the opportunity to demonstrate the values and knowledge gained from the course. They also got the opportunity to visit Stardome, which ties into their Astronomy Unit in Science. They also had to complete a booklet which contained many activities about the maunga and community. 

The Citizen Class Programme began in 2018 and has been running successfully at the school ever since. On it the Year 9’s spent the first quarter of the school year studying about citizenship. The course builds the student’s understanding of what it means to be a One Tree Hill College student and to develop their sense of belonging to the school and community. Organiser of the trip Ms Sabbage was asked for her summation of the trip. “The whole trip was amazing, and it is very hard to say what my favourite part of the trip was. But for me, it was a tight run race between the satisfaction of reaching the top of the mountain, and taking in the fabulous views of Auckland, and the Wildest Weather show in the Planetarium.” She also added, “I was incredibly happy with the trip. The weather was fabulous, we had clear skies and warm weather.

The behaviour of the Year 9’s was outstanding, and a fun time was had by all “It was especially rewarding to see so many students who had not been able to go on trips in their previous schools (as a result of Covid) to be able to participate in a trip this year. That was a real highlight for me and many of the staff who were on the trip.”  Nang Timoteo, one of the students said, “I felt excited but also tired as there was a lot of fun things happening during the trip. My favourite part was being in the star dome and watching the different constellations in the sky.” Our wonderful school Prefects were also involved on the trip and they were pleased to be given the opportunity to test their leadership skills.

Prefect Mary Abiad, said of her experience, “It was awesome to see the Year 9 connect with each other and their community. I am glad I was able to experience the day with them as a Prefect.” Another Prefect Marcy Timoteo said. “I felt exhausted, but I think working and being with the Year 9’s energized me as they were very enthusiastic about the trip. My favourite part was sitting down with the Year 9s and completing the booklet with them. This experience gave me an opportunity to connect and get to know them more.” A wonderful day was had by all and everyone involved wishes to thank Ms Sabbage for organising such a rewarding day.