Level 3 Physics Trip 2022

|| October 19, 2022

Our Level 3 Physics students were given the opportunity to spend a day at Rainbows End in preparation for their Level 3 Application of Physics Internal. For this assessment, the students had to apply physics concepts and principles to a chosen ride at the theme park. These rides ranged from the bumper boats, rollercoaster, stratosphere through to the dodgems. Of course, besides enjoying the rides and the company of their friends, the students had a job to do as using apps and logic they had to measure the acceleration, velocity and other measurements to use as data for discussion points in their assessment. “The trip was a good learning experience,” expressed student Angel Nand, “it was helpful to see physics being applied in action while collaborating information with the other physics students.”

Physics Teacher Mr. Brazier expressed his joy with the successes of the trip, “It was a productive and enjoyable day and we achieved parallel outcomes of linking physics to real life (how does it feel when the floor drops out from beneath you?), as well as building connections within our class. Science Faculty Leader Ms. Squibs spoke about the enjoyable aspect of the physical learning the students were able to experience and the application of the physics concepts that they had been learning in class prior to the trip.  The Y13 Rainbows End trip was an opportunity for students to apply their physics mechanics learning to real life. The rides showed vertical and horizontal circles, rotational motion, SHM and collisions in real life. Students used the data provided, and collected their own to analyze motion, ultimately submitting a report for a Level 3 Physics internal.

The trip was popular with students who enjoyed the kinesthetic learning that going on the rides provided.” Thanks go to Mrs Squibbs, Mr Brazier, Mr Kimi and former student Roy Rogers for organizing and supervising the trip – the physics students had an awesome day.