Pink Ribbon Morning Tea

|| October 17, 2022

The OTHC Prefect Team, with mentor Miss Whittle, put on a Pink Ribbon Morning Tea for the college’s staff members to fundraise for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The morning tea presented many treats such as pink doughnuts, pink cookies, pink cupcakes and much more, while at the end of the morning tea a beautiful homemade cake, made by a Prefect, Emily Albertengo-Shaw, was auctioned off with a bid of $40 winning Ms. Beale this beautiful treat.  Teacher Ms. Whittle said, “I thought the Pink Ribbon morning tea went really well and it was fantastic as a school to be able to raise $769.90 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The Prefects demonstrated great leadership skills in putting the event together and I was very proud of them.” Breast cancer exists in many people; getting tested to catch it early (to prevent it spreading) is essential. Treatment for cancer, and the support needed to keep people alive for a very long time is available for people who have tested positive. The money from our fundraiser, will help women prevent the dire consequences of breast cancer.