Level 2 Market Day 2021

|| June 11, 2021

Nachos, burgers, smoothies, kebabs, and many more types of food were sold during the annual Market Day hosted by the Year 12 Business Studies Class. Students participated in the selling process as part of their 2.6 assessment in which they are required to carry out, review and refine a business activity. For this they had decided to host a two-day market day. By doing this, groups were able to learn and experience firsthand how to run a small business. 

By selecting a product to sell, students were able to calculate their expenses and spend wisely to ensure that profit was maximized. The market was held over two days so that students could use the feedback they received from the first session to improvise and improve on their second market day planning. This led to much faster selling and bigger profit margins during the second effort. Khushi Sharma, a member of Macho Nachos business group said of the experience. “This was a great experience and has helped me better understand how to run a small business.” Thanks to Mrs Krishna for giving the students the opportunity.