Māori Achievement Awards 2021

|| May 14, 2021

The Māori Achievement Awards evening took place at One Tree Hill College in the Marilyn Wales auditorium. At the event, there were plenty of One Tree Hill College students, parents and, former students who have proudly attained the awards in the past. CL Maori, Whāea Chez said of the reason for the evening. “The purpose behind the awards is to celebrate the successes of our Māori students in One Tree Hill College. It was so great to see the joy on every parent’s faces as they watched their child walk confidently on the stage to receive their award”. All the Māori student awardees were very happy and proud of their achievements.

Year 12 student Mark Mahe heartily stated, “I was happy with myself because receiving this award will boost my confidence to do better and not give up”. “The awards I have received are the fruit of my hard work,” joyful added Jazzy Mua.   Whāea Chez reflecting on the even said. “It was such an amazing night, as you saw all the students and their whānau showing how proud they were of their achievements.” A parent who attended expressed her satisfaction with the occasion by saying, “I think that the evening was great, and I am so proud to see the achievements of our Māori students. The OTHC band performed their really good music, while the hospitality students prepared varieties of delicious dishes for us”. The night was an extraordinary success seeing the students, parents, and staff altogether with happiness on their faces showing how proud they were.