National Biomechanics Day

|| August 4, 2021

Five students were lucky enough to be able to attend the University of Auckland’s Department of Exercise Science series of workshops, as part of the National Biomechanics Day. Sabine Roskilly and Roy Rogers jumped straight into it with motion capturing technology and Shana Matthews and Jonathon Hookings put their best feet forward at the gait analysis station.

The students went on to learn about tickle technology, clothing designed to mimic touch sensation, and how biological models of the cardiovascular system have been developed to show the dangers of vaping. Shana Matthews and Roy Rogers go head to head in an isometric force analysis. All in all the students gained great insight into the diverse nature of Biomechanics and enjoyed being able to see, first hand, the impressive and innovative projects they could one day be doing themselves. The students would all like to thank Science teacher Ms Harris for organising their participating in this event.