OTHC School Ball 2021

|| June 11, 2021

As part of the school tradition, One Tree Hill College held their annual senior ball with its usual well-oiled planning, ceremony, and above all, enjoyment. Most of the school’s Year 12s and 13s engaged in the joyous occasion which took place at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland. The Ball Committee worked hard meeting together once a week to think of a theme, and about organising posters, decorations for the tables, ball tickets, décor, menu, songs for the playlist and many more other details.   Following the theme, “A Night at the Oscars,” the decorations and atmosphere depicted the Hollywood motif.  A photo booth, delicious food and a dance floor was set up, which amplified the enjoyment of not only the students, but also the teachers, staff and students from other schools who were the guests of some One Tree Hill students - truly a night to remember.  “It was an enjoyable experience because all the students came together and it was fun dressing up and preparing for such an enjoyable ball,” said student Nadyza Ly. “We always love this evening as it is awesome to see students dressed up and enjoying their night. We are very lucky to be able to hold events like this and it made me smile to see students and teachers celebrating their night. It is fantastic to see the comradery, love and support students have for each other and they express this on the night of the ball by voting for their friends and peers, dancing together, taking pictures together and “moulding” memories together. The Ball provides an opportunity for both students and teachers to have a night of fun together and celebrate our Senior students," added Miss Whittle and Miss Husband teachers who spent many hours overseeing all the preparations. 

The students who attended this great occasion would all like to thank Miss Whittle, Miss Husband, Miss Ryan, and the ball committee for organizing this annual event!