OTHC Singing with the Stars

|| September 10, 2021

A selected group of One Tree Hill College’s senior choristers accompanied Hollie Smith and vocalists from other secondary schools for the Te Mangai Paho half time show at the All-Blacks vs Tonga Rugby game.

The combined choir united to perform Hollie Smith’s ‘Bathe in the River’.  Leading this secondary school combined choir was a difficult task, but this was successfully accomplished by Nainz Tupai, one half of the R’n’B New Zealand Group ‘Adeaze’.

The Te Mangai Paho halftime show was to celebrate Maori and Pasifika cultures, acknowledging the host and opposition rugby teams. Tone6, an Auckland based group, performed as well.

OTHC student, Shaelyn Togafiti, is a part of the Tone6, and it was due to her connections that our students were given this opportunity to perform on a national stage. Prior to the performance, the choirs had two rehearsals, one voice recording and a dress rehearsal before game day.   After the performance, the students were able to watch the rugby game at the stadium.  “I think it was such a special opportunity for our school and our students to be part of this performance.

A special thanks to student Shaelyn Togafiti for arranging for our students to perform with Hollie Smith and the combined choir,” said HOD Music Mr Gray. “Experiences like this will undoubtedly be some of the students most valued memories of their time at OTHC.“ The students wish to thank Mr Bettridge, Mr Gray and Mrs Mcknight for transporting and accompanying them to the practices and performances.