Parent -Teacher Interview Day 2021

|| May 14, 2021

Parent -Teacher Interview Day is all about the teachers getting to know and talk to the parents of their students.  It’s also a day where parents are given the opportunity to know what their children are learning throughout the year and how they have started the school year.  This year the day went ‘back to the future’ with the interviews being held in the auditorium for the first time for nearly 15 years. Mrs McKnight, Assistant Principal who was one of the organisers of the day said that the day was all about – ‘sharing the achievements of our students with their parents.” She added, “It was an excellent occasion with a fabulous turnout of parents. The students were receptive to hearing what their teachers had to say and took part in the conversations. One of the parents who attended the interviews said. “The interviews were very well organised, and it was great hearing the teachers’ feedback. The opportunity to get to talk to the teachers of our students was very good.”  Year 13 Princess Godoy, a year 13 student going to one if their last interviews commented, “I’ve been going to all my interviews since starting at the OTHC and it has been very helpful knowing where this year is taking me, especially as it is my last year.”