Polynesian Panthers Visit

|| March 31, 2021

As part of their studies, our Year 11 History students have been learning about Auckland’s Polynesian Panthers. They have been looking into the reasons for their formation, and impact that they have made. To further the students’ knowledge, CL of Social Sciences, Ms Philson recently organised a very entertaining and interactive workshop for the college’s Year 11 history students, where they were given the opportunity to meet with Polynesian Panthers members Dr Melani Anae, Tigilau Ness and Alec Toleafoa.  The students listened attentively to their guests as they discussed the chosen research topic, The Dawn Raids. They also had the chance to ask intuitive and thoughtful questions to gain the necessary knowledge as a basis of their history assessment.  Tigilau Ness, one of the Polynesian Panthers, also gifted two students (who had asked the most impressive questions) a copy of his CD. He also performed with his guitar live for students and got them to join in singing Bob Marley's “Get Up, Stand up," a song they had performed during the protests. 

Guest Dr. Melani Anae said she enjoyed being a part of the workshop and said, “It was really great for us to be here. The students at the workshop were awesome and they asked really thoughtful questions which impressed us all.” One of the many students who had attended, Joel Parkinson, found this workshop to be fun and extremely exciting. He added. “It was good to learn about what happened in those times and to listen to people who fought for what they believed in.”