Tech 21 Technology Trip

|| August 4, 2021

Our Year 10 Digital Technology and Media studies were provided with the opportunity to attend the TECH21 Summit held in the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau.  

The TECH21 summit is an event to inspire and create pathways for students who want to go into a technology career by showing what a tech career is all about.  It showcases how creativity and technically innovative this a pathway in this field can be.  During this trip there were events such as ‘TechTalks’ where one person talked about music leading to a tech career and another talked about building good habits and mindset towards money, careers and technology.  

Several young entrepreneurs and digital disruptors came in the summit and shared their stories to not only our young aspiring students but to thousands who wished to have a career in tech.  Digital technology teacher Mrs Davis, who attended the trip with the students commented, “The Tech21 summit was an awesome experience. I thought they did a great job engaging the students and teachers, I personally walked away inspired and appreciating the possibilities the New Zealand Tech community has to offer.”