Tourism VR Experience

|| March 22, 2021

During the recent decade, technology has evolved significantly. Technology can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and this is a common desire that people have. Today, the majority of people use it every day - at work, at home, anywhere, and everywhere.  Recently, our Year 12 and 13 Tourism students got the chance to experience virtual reality technology first-hand with Aalee Daniels    from Go With Tourism taking a session at the college. Ms Sabbage, the teacher in charge of Tourism said that the reason for the session was to introduce students to career possibilities within the tourism industry and stimulate curiosity in this exciting sector. 

One student said of the experience, “I enjoyed the opportunity to experience this type of VR experience, getting to explore New Zealand in a different way as well as learning about the sectors of tourism.” The evolution of technology allows the growth of education. Making school fun, engaging and understandable with technology will allow the students of the future to widen their knowledge and enjoy subjects at school. The students would like to thank Ms Sabbage for organising the experience.