UOA Engineering Science Competition

|| September 10, 2021

Recently we had several teams of Year 12/13 physicists in the Knowledge Centre competing in the University of Auckland Engineering Science Competition. Over 200 teams from around NZ competed remotely/digitally. This competition meant that the students were required to give up a whole Saturday and work on answers to a problem that they were set.

The students were essentially in lockdown from 10:00am until 6:00pm on the day and were set a question to answer. The question - “How many 1 in 100-year extreme weather events can NZ expect to experience over the course of the next decade?” Our teams worked hard all day, and made some fascinating assumptions based on the various unique mathematical modelling they did to come up with their answers.

The students would like to thank Mr Brazier, Ms Squibbs and Mr N McDougall for entering them into this competition which has certainly fostered their interest in the world around them. They also thank them for getting them ready for their assignment and looking after them on the day.

And a summary of what we can expect from our weather …….. it’s looking very turbulent over the next 10 years.