Year 12 Golf Trip

|| October 20, 2022

 Part of Level 2 Physical Education assessment of the biophysical principles involved the Year 12 PED class visiting a golf driving range. The purpose of this visit was to give students the opportunity to evaluate their golf swing with the proper equipment (clubs and golf balls). This term we have been looking at how biophysical principles relate to the learning of a new skill, and this gave 12PED the opportunity to take what they’d learnt this term and apply it in practice. 

Mr. Tuia the 12PED teacher was involved in organizing this field trip and he commented. “We had only been using tennis balls to hit with while at school and it was valuable for the students get real golf balls to see and feel how a golf swing should feel. They were also able to apply things such as visualization, self-talk and routines to their golf swing which we haven’t really been able to do while at school”.  The students shared their own ideas about their experience of the trip with student Saliha Nuri commenting, “I have never been to a golf driving range before, so this trip was a new experience for me. It proved to be a great help in my understanding of biophysical principles”. While student Hamish Parkinson added, “This trip helped me improve my golf swing and helped me complete this assessment”. A big thanks to Mr. Tuia 12PED teacher and Mr. Tuitupou for organizing the trip for this trip.