Year 9 Orientation Day 2019

|| February 21, 2019

The Year 9 Orientation Day took place on Friday 1st of February 2019. This was the time where future One Tree Hill students experienced a small glimpse of the rest of the their college lives. Former intermediate students across central Auckland were able to meet new teachers, prefects and friends that they might thrive with throughout their five years of high school. Their day began in the auditorium where they were introduced to the Principal - Mr Coughlan, the deputy principals and their whanau leaders. They then spent the day with in their whanau classes and learnt more about the school's background and values: Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Aspiration & Innovation. 

"It was a challenging yet fun day," - Courtney Matthews 9MHP

News Media Team - Mary Abiad - 10MRO