Year 12 Biology Trip Arataki

|| March 16, 2021

After a bumpy bus journey, the students donned their Ecology hats and strode out into the Arataki Broadleaf Podocarp forest. The Arataki educators were very impressed by the existing knowledge of our Year 12 Biologists, and even more by their thorough data collection and extremely artistic forest profiles! From bushman’s toilet paper to widow-makers, from Puriri moths to possums, the students explored the array of interdependent relationships between both native and invasive species in the forest, and, had some fun at the same time! The students enjoyed their experience and learnt so much about the natural wonders that are at our doorstep and within easy reach. Student Rishab Prasad enjoyed the trip and said of his experience, “It was interesting actually seeing examples of the different strata levels in a forest rather than look at pictures in a book.” Teacher Ms Carver would like to thank Ms Harris for organising the trip and Ms Maher and Mr Wagachchi for being on the trip as well. She also had a special mention for the Arataki staff. “The educators were fantastic they tailored the programme so that the students could collect the appropriate data for their Ecology Unit.” A great experience for our OTHC biology students.